I want to promote a new Digital Marketing position. Where can I do that?

The Digital Marketing Association has a Career page and we offer posts for digital marketing positions. All adverts are reviewed. This service is currently free.

Can anyone become a member of the Digital Marketing Association?

The Digital Marketing Association is a not for profit organisation that represents people working in or involved in the digital marketing industry. Anyone that is interested in a career in digital marketing or is actively working in the industry can join the Digital Marketing Association as a member.

What Types of Membership does the Digital Marketing Association offer?

There are four grades of membership:

Professional Membership
For anyone working in or involved in the digital marketing industry.

Corporate Membership
Organisations serving the Digital Marketing Industry.

Honorary Membership
This is a membership grade for professionals who have offered exceptional contribution to the digital marketing industry and are selected by our Advisory Committee. There is no fee for this rate. people who wish to apply for this rate need request an application at honorary@digitalmarketingassoc.com

Educational Membership
This Membership is for Educational Organisations teaching digital marketing and its related subjects.

What are the membership fee rates?

Please see this page for our current fees

I do not live in the UK, can I apply for membership?

Yes. The Digital Marketing Association welcomes digital marketers from all over the world.

How does membership work?

Once you have applied for membership you will be sent a certificate and welcome letter to indicate you are a member of the Digital Marketing Association. You will be included in the Digital Marketing Online Directory and added to our database so we can update you with digital marketing news and updates as well as upcoming events and discounts.
We are also preparing Online Profile pages for each member where you will be able to display information on your experience qualifications. We are also working on the Ideas Platform, where digital marketers can share ideas and shape the digital marketing agenda.

What does the Digital Marketing Association represent?

The Digital Marketing Association is here to promote and maintain a high standard in the professional field of digital marketing.

Where can I direct a complaint?

We take complaints very seriously and respond within 3 days with an initial email. Please forward all complaints to info@digitalmarketingassoc.com

I would like the Digital Marketing Association to promote my Event, who do I contact?

The Association is happy to consider relevant events for our Digital Marketing Events Calendar. Please email us at info@digitalmarketingassoc.com